These licenses explain your rights in regard to the content provided on this website and our other services and products. Please adhere to these licenses to avoid misuse and abuse of our copyright / exploitation right.
If anything is unclear to you, do not hesitate to contact us through the provided channels.
Please read through the sections Use of Content, Attribution and Derivative Works to get a picture of the license.

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Use of Content

You may use any content on this website in your publications, even commercially, as long as you give proper attribution. Please do not create derivative works of our content if it is not explicitly tagged as press material without our written consent.

You may not use our content as the main content in your publications.

If you would like to use, publish or feature anything not explicitly allowed in this license, contact us and we will see, if we can work out a solution with you.

If you would like to publish/broadcast our trailers as a standalone media or within another format, please contact us beforehand.


When using or publishing any of the materials you are permitted to use, give appropriate credit.

Provide a link to this license or a link to the license you downloaded with the materials.

Unambigiously state that Newtronium is the creator of those materials and indicate if any changes were made.

When using content or materials of one of our products or services, provide the corresponding brand/product/service name and link to its homepage and/or mobile app store page.

Derivative Works

You may not publish any derivative works you create from materials you are not allowed to use or publish.

You may publish derivative works of materials you downloaded as "press material", giving appropriate credit and indicating any changed made.

Gameplay Footage / "Let's Plays"

You may create and publish gameplay footage of any of our games with proper attribution.


If we decide to change these licences, we will post those changes on this page. We will however try not to alter the licenses in any way your uses become inappropiate.

Any changes to these licenses do not affect present publications/uses of the materials. Please refer to the license that was delivered with the respective material package you downloaded.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us via privacy[at]
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